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Good day! I'm just started with Amazon SES. I want use this in my asp.net mvc (C#) website.

I download and install AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, create AWS simple console application. So, I have sample code that can send email, using AmazonSimpleEmailService client.


using (AmazonSimpleEmailService client = AWSClientFactory.CreateAmazonSimpleEmailServiceClient(RegionEndpoint.USEast1))
     var sendRequest = new SendEmailRequest
     Source = senderAddress,
     Destination = new Destination { ToAddresses = new List<string> { receiverAddress } },
     Message = new Message
        Subject = new Content("Sample Mail using SES"),
        Body = new Body { Text = new Content("Sample message content.") }

     Console.WriteLine("Sending email using AWS SES...");
     SendEmailResponse response = client.SendEmail(sendRequest);
     Console.WriteLine("The email was sent successfully.");

Further, I must configuring Amazon SES Feedback Notifications via Amazon SNS. I find nice topic with sample code:

PART 3: http://sesblog.amazon.com/post/TxJE1JNZ6T9JXK/Handling-Bounces-and-Complaints

So, I need make PART 2 where I'll get ReceiveMessageResponse response and send it into PART 3.

I need implement in C# this steps: Set up the following AWS components to handle bounce notifications:

1. Create an Amazon SQS queue named ses-bounces-queue.
2. Create an Amazon SNS topic named ses-bounces-topic.
3. Configure the Amazon SNS topic to publish to the SQS queue.
4. Configure Amazon SES to publish bounce notifications using ses-bounces-topic to ses-bounces-queue.

I try write it:

// 1. Create an Amazon SQS queue named ses-bounces-queue.
 AmazonSQS sqs = AWSClientFactory.CreateAmazonSQSClient(RegionEndpoint.USWest2);
                    CreateQueueRequest sqsRequest = new CreateQueueRequest();
                    sqsRequest.QueueName = "ses-bounces-queue";
                    CreateQueueResponse createQueueResponse = sqs.CreateQueue(sqsRequest);
                    String myQueueUrl;
                    myQueueUrl = createQueueResponse.CreateQueueResult.QueueUrl;
// 2. Create an Amazon SNS topic named ses-bounces-topic
AmazonSimpleNotificationService sns = new AmazonSimpleNotificationServiceClient(RegionEndpoint.USWest2);
                    string topicArn = sns.CreateTopic(new CreateTopicRequest
                        Name = "ses-bounces-topic"
// 3. Configure the Amazon SNS topic to publish to the SQS queue
                    sns.Subscribe(new SubscribeRequest
                        TopicArn = topicArn,
                        Protocol = "https",
                        Endpoint = "ses-bounces-queue"
// 4. Configure Amazon SES to publish bounce notifications using ses-bounces-topic to ses-bounces-queue

I'm on the right track?

How I can implement 4 part? How receive XObject?


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You are on the right track - for the missing part 4 you need to implement receiving of a message from the Amazon SQS message queue you created in step 1. See my answer to Example of .net application using Amazon SQS for where to find a respective example - it boils down to the following code:

// receive a message
ReceiveMessageRequest receiveMessageRequest = new ReceiveMessageRequest();
receiveMessageRequest.QueueUrl = myQueueUrl;
ReceiveMessageResponse receiveMessageResponse = sqs.
if (receiveMessageResponse.IsSetReceiveMessageResult())
    Console.WriteLine("Printing received message.\n");
    ReceiveMessageResult receiveMessageResult = receiveMessageResponse.
    foreach (Message message in receiveMessageResult.Message)
        // process the message (see below)

Within the loop you need to call either ProcessQueuedBounce() or ProcessQueuedComplaint() as illustrated in Handling Bounces and Complaints.

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Thank you! But I implement receiving SNS notification without SQS. I hope this will work without SQS. –  Serg_Odessa Aug 23 '13 at 14:24
Hi, I wrote the Handling Bounces and Complaints SES blog post. Bounce and complaint processing will work fine if you use HTTP/S endpoints instead of SQS. However, SNS cannot guarantee delivery to HTTP/S endpoints because of internet issues. I used SQS in the sample code because SNS to SQS delivery has significantly higher reliability, and bounce and complaint processing is typically considered a critical operation. –  Rohan Deshpande Aug 25 '13 at 1:38
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