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I am using lucene 3.0.1 to index a column in hbase. After making query in lucene I am getting a array of keys (which is of same format I have key in hbase) in java, now for all of these keys I want to make query to hbase and get corresponding rows from database. I am not able to find IN operator in hbase documentation, other option is I loop over set of keys and make query to hbase but in this case I will be making lot of hbase database calls. Is there any other option any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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You could turn to get a list. Each Get in the list is created using a key you got after querying lucene. –  vinnie-bing Aug 13 '13 at 13:21

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The get method of the HTable class can accept a list of GET objects and fetch them all as batch see the documentation

You essentially need to do something like

 List<Get> rowsToGet= new ArrayList<Get>();
 for (String id:resultsFromLucene)
       rowsToGet.add(new Get(Bytes.toBytes(id)));  
 Result[] results = htable.get(rowsToGet);
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