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I have a panel which has defined a place in it where other panel should go. There must not be any inheritance, as not only there is a large number of them but also they are to be used throughout the entire application.

Component that I want to be "included" extends panel itself too. I want to be able to do something like in component with markup 1, independent from component 2 implementation.

Is it possible to do that? I am perfectly aware of how inheritance works. But there is not much about composition...

The stacktrace:

Last cause: The component(s) below failed to render. Possible reasons could be that: 1) you have added a component in code but forgot to reference it in the markup (thus the component will never be rendered), 2) if your components were added in a parent container then make sure the markup for the child container includes them in <wicket:extend>.

1. [BlockingAjaxSubmitLink [Component id = link_language_add]]
2. [ListView [Component id = language_placeholder]]
3. [ListItem [Component id = 0]]
4. [LanguagePanel [Component id = language]]
5. [WebMarkupContainer [Component id = container_name]]
6. [TextField [Component id = name]]
7. [Component id = feedback_name]
8. [WebMarkupContainer [Component id = container_proficiency]]
9. [TextField [Component id = proficiency]]
10. [BlockingAjaxLink [Component id = link_remove]]
11. [ListItem [Component id = 1]]
12. [LanguagePanel [Component id = language]]
13. [WebMarkupContainer [Component id = container_name]]
14. [TextField [Component id = name]]
15. [Component id = feedback_name]
16. [WebMarkupContainer [Component id = container_proficiency]]
17. [TextField [Component id = proficiency]]
18. [BlockingAjaxLink [Component id = link_remove]]

All of these components are inside the form or at least should be seen there.

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Can you show some code? I don't understand your problem. You can include panels into panels to your hearts content .. –  bert Aug 13 '13 at 13:34
Do you mean fragments? This is the way to go? wicket.apache.org/learn/examples/usingfragments.html –  kboom Aug 13 '13 at 13:50

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Okay it was pretty stupid mistake I guess.

Just remember the difference between WebMarkupContainer and Panel.

The Panel HAS its own html file and includes it alongside


The WebMarkupContainer DOES NOT HAVE its own html file and relies only on the markup in the file the component is added to.

Thanks anyways :)

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I see.... well, Try to keep a pattern like this: Page -> Form -> Panel. And also, try to put your components neither in the form or in the panel.

public class Page extends WebPage{

private MyForm myForm;

public Page(){
myForm = new()....;


public class MyForm extends Form<T>{

  public MyForm(String id){


public class MyPanel extends Panel{

//your components

  public MyPanel(String id){



  [form wicket:id="myForm"]

    [div wicket:id="myPanel"/]



[div wicket:id="myPanel"]


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That's exactly how the structure looked like. Yet what I was missing is the fact, that only Panels can be included with their separate markup to the other one. –  kboom Aug 13 '13 at 20:13
Did you mean,insert a Panel into another Panel's webMarkupContainer? In afirmative case, yes, you can insert it, but not with the same markup_id. –  GuilhermeLista Aug 14 '13 at 12:36

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