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I have a live report that's somehow showing cached data despite the fact that I've disabled all caching (that I'm aware of). When I run the query in the BIDS query editor, it shows the current data. But in the BIDS preview and the actual deployed report, it's still showing out of date data.

I tried toggling the report caching on then back off in the report properties on the reporting website, and I went into the IIS HTTP Header properties and set content to 'Expire Immediately'. I've seen this issue before in the BIDS preview window due to the .data file stored with the report definition (which I've deleted/refreshed several times), but I've never seen it happen with a live report.

Is there another caching option somewhere that I'm missing?

Edit: The report also has a user-selected parameter, which makes this even more perplexing since I was under the impression that parameters cause SSRS to use the most recent data even when caching is enabled.

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IE will cache data too. Try alt-refresh or a different browser. – Dan Andrews Aug 13 '13 at 13:35

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In development mode for SSRS, I usually delete the report_name.rdl DATA File. That is were the data is kept from the last run.

It took a few runs to figure out that this was my issue with changing the source data and the report looking like the last run.

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you mean report.rdl.DATA file or the .rdl file ? – Steam Apr 6 '14 at 5:55
Steam, Try deleting the report.rdl.DATA file. The next run will use whatever is in the report.rdl.DATA file. Sometimes exiting out of the SSRS application will help too. – Nagshead Apr 9 '14 at 12:16
Thanks. But I never found any .DATA files anywhere in the project folder. Is this normal ? – Steam Apr 9 '14 at 17:18
The data files are stored in the same folder with your report definitions. – Nagshead Apr 10 '14 at 23:21

I've found with SSRS, that deleting the Report's DataSource from a report, then re-creating it works to get rid of all cached data within the BIDS environment. However, I've never seen behaviour like this from a deployed report.

You could try deleting the Shared DataSource from the SSRS Server, then re-deploying it. Maybe it will cause a similar refresh. However, I wouldn't necessarily jump to an extreme like this if the deployed report is in a production environment.

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Always run this report with the most recent data Do not cache temporary copies of this report

  1. Double check if the above options are selected under Processing Options via ReportManager.
  2. check if your dataset is querying the current data.
  3. Refresh the Report.

That's very weird.

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Very weird indeed -- I've tried all of the above but none had any effect. – Kon Aug 13 '13 at 13:45

I found that when using VS in SSRS 2010 that the Preview mode would only show the old data. If I went to the dataset query and hit refresh then new data would come down OK and then the Preview would show the new data. This was annoying but reading about it I understood that the deployed report would refresh itself OK. I couldn't prove this theory as I do not have access to view my deployed reports which is even more annoying. Anyway I took a few hints from various posts and changed the AutoRefresh property in Report properties from 0 to 1. Then when I went to Preview mode the report updated OK but kept updating every 1 second. Now I get how that property works and set it to 1000000. This means that it refreshes once when you first go to Preview and then it would do it again in 1000000 seconds by which time I am out of preview mode and happily building the report some more. I don't really know how this would effect a deployed report but much the same I would think. Maybe someone else who has access to their deployed reports can advise.

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Many people forget to do this, always ensure that your .rds files are up to date. In SSRS, re-Build and re-Deploy “Shared Data Sources” and “Shared Datasets” together with your report(s).

  1. Select “Shared Data Sources” and “Shared Datasets” (.rds) files.
  2. Right mouse click, “Build”.
  3. Right mouse click, “Deploy”.

Now re-run report(s) from the host.

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