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I wonder something about team Project that part of agile development and scrum. There is a Project to develop by a team. You are using TFS for source control. A Project created on TFS and Mike joined Project via visual studio, created a class library named "Business". Later Sarah joined to Project and created class library "Data". Team members check in code to TFS. Can be a confusion about code. Is the same Project editing at same time by developers. Mike checked in code and code including "Business" layer. But the Project that joined Sarah does not include "Business".

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When Sarah Checks-in the code, the TFS will merge the code/solution file so that both the changes would be present on the server. –  Isaiah4110 Aug 13 '13 at 17:40
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When you check-in code to TFS, if there is a conflict (that is, two people have changed the same code but in conflicting ways), the second person to check is is given a list of such conflicts. They then must decide how to resolve the conflicts in the code.

There are a number of tools to help with this, I especially like Semantic Merge, which I believe uses Roslyn to work out what the actual changes are (so if someone shuffles two functions about it knows they are the same functions).

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