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I used a simple CFInput autosuggest code (copied from Ben Forta's blog). It works ok, but I need one additional feature:

After a user has used the autosuggest field to choose something, I would like to populate a second form field with the result ... but it doesn't work like in Javascript (using onChange and the value property of the field) - it seems that the "value" property contains the original user input, not what he chooses from the autosuggest list. For the life of it I can't find out how to copy the chosen autosuggest value to another field using Javascript. Anyone?

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There is no need for shortened URLs here. Please use the full URL:… – Al E. Jan 10 '11 at 15:55

Can you post your code? My guess is you want the second cfinput to be similar to line with *'s:

<cfinput type="text"
**<cfinput type="text" name="second" bind="{artname}"/>**
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