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I would like to sell physical products on a subscription basis where the customer could select the interval (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly). There would also be the option to purchase a product immediately, like a buy now option.

Has anyone come across an ecommerce platform that could handle this?

Volusion handles recurring billing but can't handle the customer selecting the interval that they would like to receive the products. Recurly is more geared to the subscription only portion while Shopify and BigCommerce only do the "buy now" portion.

Is magento a viable option or do I have to roll a site from scratch?

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I don't know of any hosted solutions that offer exactly what you are looking for. You can use Sage Pay or Paypal with Shopify and Volusion to get the flexibility with payment periods that you are looking for, but it won't integrate with the stores order/payments systems so you'll have to keep track of them separately.

There are extensions for Magento that would allow you to have subscription items on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly basis: Ahead Works subscriptions and recurring payments is one of many extensions that will integrate with Magento (see here).

I have used a number of Ahead Works extensions in the past and found them all to be easy to install/configure, as well as performing as advertised. They come with 90-day support and they are a Platinum Magento partner.

If you went this way of course you need to build a Magento site on either the community or enterprise editions which can be daunting if you are doing it yourself, or costly if you need have it developed for you.

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I recently researched this when I was setting up my subscription box business. There seems to be a few more options now for accommodating subscription models outside of Magento add-ons etc.

Cratejoy.com launched earlier this year in private beta. They appear to have some great design and template options to choose from as well as lots of other bells and whistles for a more comprehensive business looking for many solutions and tools. Though they're price point appears to be a little grey.

Subbly.co are a newer kid on the block and appear to offer a really simple, quick setup for businesses looking to just get a 3rd party to set up, manage and automate their subscription model. They're aren't many designs or templates to choose from as Cratejoy but they do promise more features will be released soon. Price point seems less complicated too - free to signup and simple monthly payments.

There are a few other alternatives too but mainly are agency bespoke solutions with no clear price points.

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I'm pretty sure you can make Volusion handle user selected frequency by setting up a frequency "option" and enabling the inventory control grid / setting up child products - each of the child products could be set up as a recurring product with a different recurring frequency. However you can only set recurring frequency in whole-month increments, so, unfortunately, no weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions.

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I think that All4coding Subscriptions and Recurring Payments is the solution you are looking for. This extension cover and enhance Magento Recurring Payment Profiles. And it support PayPal Pro, PayPal Express, Payflow Pro, Payflow Express Checkout, etc. And it also using Magento Custom Options to create different period subscription with different price. I think it is what are you looking for. They do provide a free trial so you can try it free, before decide to purchase.

We also tried Aheadwork SARP but it is a little buggy and also they don't allow you to sell recurring period with different price. After the support period expired if you still encounter bug with their extension and want to get support you need to extension your custom support.

Hope you will find your recurring payments solution

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You should check Shopping Cart Elite. The platform offers physical products and subscription products along with other features like CMS, CRM, Marketplaces synchronization (eBay,Amazon,etc). Its much more advanced than Magento or Volusion

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