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I can't seem to get the camel-ftp component to die when no files are found.

I added a LimitedPollingConsumerPollStrategy with a limit of 1:

<bean id="noPoll" class="org.apache.camel.impl.LimitedPollingConsumerPollStrategy">
    <property name="limit" value="1"/>

and configured the URI to use it:


It still just hangs, looking for files, when it doesn't find any.. so I added &sendEmptyMessageWhenIdle=true to the URI.

I added conditions to my route to output to log when a message comes through with a null body and I saw a flood of those messages so it seems the limit on the polling consumer isn't working. I tried changing it to &consumer.pollStrategy=#noPoll and it behaved the same.

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The LimitedPollingConsumerPollStrategy is for limiting when the consumer has failed for X number of times in a row. This is also what is explained in the documentation of it. Its not for stopping after 1 poll.

You can implement your own poll strategy that stops when the commit method is called with the parameter polledMessages = 0. Then you know there was no files polled.

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