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I'm using Kohana v3 for a web project, and today I found myself writing this:

echo Html::anchor('user/view/'.$user->id, "See user's profile");

If I rename the action_view method in the User controller, the link will be broken. To avoid this, I created a function in the User model that returns the URL used for viewing the user's profile:

echo Html::anchor($user->url_view(), "See user's profile");

There is another (cleaner) way to do this (similar to Django's url() and {% url %})?

PS: Excuse my English.

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Yes you want reverse routing using the route name. Try something like this:

echo Html::anchor(
   "See user's profile"
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Thanks a lot, I didn't know about the Route class. –  dusan Dec 1 '09 at 0:05
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what do you need is called reverse routing. you have a route "name" (with parameters eventually) and you associate it with a module/action pair or with a whatever/path.

then you use this route name instead of the direct controller/action path so you can change the name of the actions as you like in future.

here's a page that describes this. be aware that in kohana 2.x reverse routing is not supported (so when he refers to 2.3 he really means 3.x)

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You're correct about reverse routing, but that linked example is outdated. The best resources are the official userguide: v3.kohanaphp.com/guide and the unofficial wiki: kerkness.ca/wiki/doku.php –  rick Nov 30 '09 at 22:35
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