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Good day! How to parse JSON tree structure using EXTjs to bring them to the table view? Below is the structure that I want to put it to grid, how to do it? How to set up the model and storage?

            {"Specialist":"V A K","SCallCount":64,"AverageDuration":0.1136067},
            {"Specialist":"K T A","SCallCount":170,"AverageDuration":0.1057270},
            {"Specialist":"L A V","SCallCount":71,"AverageDuration":0.4269940}]},

            {"Specialist":"B A V","SCallCount":60,"AverageDuration":0.1109374},
            {"Specialist":"K K A","SCallCount":17,"AverageDuration":0.1125816}]},

            {"Specialist":"K A F","SCallCount":128,"AverageDuration":0.0624402},
            {"Specialist":"O A V","SCallCount":115,"AverageDuration":0.3808017},
            {"Specialist":"F E U","SCallCount":74,"AverageDuration":0.2172953}]}

| 3D | V A K | 64  | 0.1136067 |
| 3D | K T A | 170 | 0.1057270 |
| RG | F E U | 74  | 0.2172953 |
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Help, I need somebody Help, not just anybody Help, you know, I need someone –  Sem Grozovski Aug 14 '13 at 5:49

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That data structure looks to be good for a tree grid.


Otherwise you could process the response in an ajax request to loop through the data and use the loadData method in a store.

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How to correctly write a model? –  Sem Grozovski Aug 14 '13 at 14:18
Here is a good example ext4all.com/post/ext-4-1-treegrid-example –  bakamike Aug 14 '13 at 14:43

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