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I have a custom ordering need like this:

normal ordering  |  custom ordering 
      1          |        7
      2          |        6
      3          |        5
      4          |        4
      5          |        3
      6          |        2
      7          |        8
      .          |        .
      .          |        .
      .          |        .
      .          |        .
      .          |        N
      N          |        1

I have thought about using UNION to combine 3 different select queries with the help of ORDER BY and LIMIT. However, I can not do that because UNION have to be used before ORDER BY and LIMIT.

How can I make a selection (or selections) to achieve the custom ordering above?

Another workaround might help is just make the 1st record returned in this select query the last record, but how? Thanks for your help!

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Try this:

      WHEN x = 1 THEN 100000001
      WHEN x between 2 and 7 THEN 7 - x
      WHEN x between 8 and ( SELECT max(x) FROM t1 ) - 1 THEN x
      ELSE 100000000 

100000000 constans must be greather than N.
Here is a simple demo

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Thanks for your aid. IMHO, using the hard-coded "100000001" might cause problem if the records gets larger and larger in the future? –  Cloud Chen Aug 20 '13 at 3:00
What about with the DISTINCT query? –  Ertürk Öztürk Jan 29 at 18:17

Add a New Table CustomSeq with two columns, Value and Sequence. In that table you can store the values and their custom order. then join to that table and order by it's Sequence column.

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