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I am using ubuntu 12.04. I am trying to run

bundle install

behind the proxy network of my institute.I have correctly setup the apt.conf file and all other downloads from terminal are working fine. I added the following to ~/.bashrc

export HTTP_PROXY=http://user:password@proxy_url:port
alias curl="curl -x http://proxy_url:port/ -U user:password"
alias rvm="rvm --proxy http://user:password@proxy_url:port"

And i added the following to my environment file:


I also added the following to ~/.gemrc:


After making all these changes when i run the bundler using with or without sudo on the terminal i get back the source code of some html page.The code of html page is followed by the line:


Please tell me what to do to make rails run behind the proxy.

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This isn't a Rails question per-se, it's a Bundler question.

I would try the following on the command line (either should work):

export HTTP_PROXY=http://user:password@proxy_url:port

export http_proxy=http://user:password@proxy_url:port

Potentially your ~/.bashrc file isn't being executed on login/etc.

I would also change the ~/.gemrc file to: http_proxy=http://user:password@proxy_url:port

Check out the source code in Bundler for any extra information you may need.

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Still getting the same error.I first did the export command and then did bundle install.I have also updated my gemrc file. –  mohsin Aug 14 '13 at 0:52
Ok - so the last thing I can recommend in trying is: HTTP_PROXY=http://user:password@proxy_url:port bundle install. –  Adrian CB Aug 14 '13 at 2:41

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