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I render a partial contact form, and I am using the recaptcha gem. How can I verify the recaptca using jquery?

The form code is:

      %form#new_contact.new_contact{:action => "/contact", :method => "post"}
        = text_field_tag "user_info[name]", nil, placeholder: "Your Name", required: ""
        = text_field_tag "user_info[email]", nil, placeholder: "Your Email Address", type: "email", required: ""
        = text_field_tag "user_info[subject]", nil, placeholder: "Subject", required: ""
        = text_area_tag "user_info[message]", nil, placeholder: "Write your message here", required: ""
        =recaptcha_tags(display: {theme: 'clean'}, ajax: true)
        %button.btn.btn-primary.btn-large{type: 'submit'} Send

The controler code is:

def contact
    if verify_recaptcha(:model => @user, :message => "Oh! It's error with reCAPTCHA!")
      if Email.contactowner(params[:user_info]).deliver
        flash[:notice] = "Your message has been sent!"
        flash[:notice] = "Your message has not being sent"
      redirect_to request.referrer
      redirect_to request.referrer
      flash[:notice] = 'The captcha that was entered is incorrect, please try again.'
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" I want to verify the recaptca" - so verify it... – rmagnum2002 Aug 13 '13 at 15:35
in case you don't get my above comment - you a are posting a question here, but in your case there is no question, just a statement "I want to verify the recaptca using jquery".. so use it, no need to post it here. Or do you have problems with it, if so, write it in your question. – rmagnum2002 Aug 13 '13 at 15:45

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