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  • Is it possible to export products from my store to Amazon or eBay using API?
  • Is it possible to import products to my store from Amazon or eBay using API?

As I know amazon provide only API for products search, orders list, inventory and operation with cart. Am i right? And how does cart operation works? Using API I could add product to user cart and then user should open amazon website to make order?

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To to load stock on/off of Amazon through an API, you'll need a professional selling plan with them. That costs $40/month, but also waives the $.99 per item closing fee, so depending on what you're into on Amazon, it could more than pay for itself as well as allowing you access to the Amazon MWS API (instead of the more open/free Amazon Products API).

Through the MWS API, you can add stock to your Amazon sellers account, process orders, and pull information about the products you currently have in stock, etc.

For adding to the Amazon cart, you've got a couple different options. The most promising is probably using the Amazon Products API to set up a remote shopping cart on your site and then the customer is sent to Amazon to checkout.

To achieve what it sounds like you want for eBay, you'll probably need to use mostly the Trading API possibly with a combination of one or two others. Here's an overview of the features of eBay's different APIs

I hope this helps get you started! If you have more specific questions of how to accomplish something, asking a question with more detail in it will probably get a faster answer.

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