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The right pointer can be made to point to the right sibling by performing a level order traversal and changing accordingly. However, i don't know the procedure to do this simultaneously. Any suggestions?

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1) Pictures are your friend 2) Where do you need something like that? – Dennis Meng Aug 13 '13 at 16:27

Just do a BFS and remember the level and parent. The following a c++ code for that

void BSTRightSibling(BSTNode *root)
    queue<BSTNode*> q;
    map<BSTNode*, BSTNode*> m;
    BSTNode* levelNode = root;

    while(! q.empty()) {
        BSTNode* n = q.front();
        if (n->left) {
            m[n->left] = n;
            if (n == levelNode) {
                levelNode = n->left;
        if (n->right) {
            m[n->right] = n;
            if (n == levelNode) {
                levelNode = n->right;
        if ((!q.empty()) && (n != levelNode)) {
            n->right = q.front();
        } else {
            n->right = NULL;
        n->left = m[n];
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In tournament problem you can use a gray-code to decide when its a left or right node. Another method is also if the value is less or equal then the parent value then its a right node.

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