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I wish to replace the following function with a better less detailed process for determining the numeric month value from a String. Does anyone know if there is a Date/DateTime function which can be used for this? I did not note one which would meet my needs.

The text strings in the code are exactly how I receive them.

Thanks in advance for any help.

private static Integer convertMonthTextToNumber(String matrixMonth){
    if(matrixMonth == 'January'){
        return 1;   
    }else if(matrixMonth == 'February'){
        return 2;   
    }else if(matrixMonth == 'March'){
        return 3;   
    }else if(matrixMonth == 'April'){
        return 4;   
    }else if(matrixMonth == 'May'){
        return 5;       
    }else if(matrixMonth == 'June'){            
        return 6;   
    }else if(matrixMonth == 'July'){
        return 7;   
    }else if(matrixMonth == 'August'){
        return 8;   
    }else if(matrixMonth == 'September'){
        return 9;   
    }else if(matrixMonth == 'October'){
        return 10;  
    }else if(matrixMonth == 'November'){
        return 11;  
        return 12;
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How about this:

private static Map<String, Integer> monthsMap = new Map<String, Integer>{
  "January"  => 1,
  "February" => 2,

private static Integer convertMonthTextToNumber(String month)
  return monthsMap.get( month );
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Thanks Tom, I may use your suggestion. I'll leave the question open in the meantime in case further solutions may also be provided. Thanks. –  SalesforceQueries Aug 14 '13 at 13:17
There is no Salesforce.com way to do so. As for me, I go with the way above. –  Chiz Aug 14 '13 at 13:34

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