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Understandably, there are few meaningful metrics in regards to Azure storage as it seems during the day (West coast time), performance is at least 2x better after 6pm. Seems the traffic during business hours is a real factor...go figure. That said, we are using BLOBs to store user records of around 1K each. When a user gets modified, we simply call CloudBlockBlob.UploadTextAsync to insert or replace the entry. During peek hours, we see about 1200 xactions per second; after 6pm, about 2000 or so. My question is...is there a faster way than using UploadTextAsync to store 1k byte records on a massive scale. I realize table storage is an option, but it is built on top of BLOB storage so it would seem the latter is faster. There are a lot of options out there, but has anyone actually had this problem and what storage media did you end up using? We are working on sharding right now, but it seems the current performance is pretty lame.

BTW, we have 100continue and UseNagleAlgorithm values set appropriately.

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