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I tried looking for a similar question, couldn't find anything detailed enough.

I have a an ajax call, which calls a php page and the response is:

echo json_encode($cUrl_c->temp_results);

Which outputs:

{"key":"value", "key2":"value"}

The output is being "parsed" using:

var json_response = JSON.parse(xmlhttp.responseText);

I was looking for a way to iterate through the response, and getting the key and value using javascript only.

  1. is the returned output considered valid json ?
  2. How do I loop through it (no jquery just javascript) ?
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To iterate through the items of an object, you normally use a loop, which let you access the keys (property names) as well as the property values:

for (var key in object) {
    var item = object[key];

And yes, {"key":"value", "key2":"value"} is valid JSON.

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To answer your first question, yes it is considered valid JSON once you parse it with JSON.parse(), as you have. To answer your second question, have a look at from the MDN.

You could use the first example in the doc to find out how to get the keys and values.

Example 1

var o = {a:1, b:2, c:3};

function show_props(obj, objName) {
  var result = "";

  for (var prop in obj) {
    result += objName + "." + prop + " = " + obj[prop] + "\n";

  return result;

alert(show_props(o, "o")); /* alerts: o.a = 1 o.b = 2 o.c = 3 */
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