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I have a solution with many Windows services and their ProjectInstallers are very similar. How to make a single Installer class in a library that is used by every WindowsService?

I tried to do it, but it didn't work yet.

The code below contains only part of a Installer

public partial class ProjectInstaller : Installer
    public ProjectInstaller()
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I am a developer for an open source windows service hosting framework called Daemoniq. I understand how installers can be an inconvenience so creating installers on the fly is one of its features. You can download it from

Current features include:

  • container agnostic service location via the CommonServiceLocator
  • set common service properties like serviceName, displayName, description and serviceStartMode via app.config
  • run multiple windows services on the same process
  • set recovery options via app.config
  • set services depended on via app.config
  • set service process credentials via command-line
  • install, uninstall, debug services via command-line


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