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I've been using doxygen with the eclipse eclox plugin for some time now, with the automatic class dot diagrams working fine.

Recently I tried adding a dot graph of my own, using the \dot command. This worked, so I added another. Now neither of the new dot graphs get made.

Doxygen says

Error: Could not open image `C:/Users/Me/git/F2802x_BurnInUnit/F2802x_BurnInUnit/Documentation/html/dot_inline_dotgraph_1.png' generated by dot! Error: problems opening map file C:/Users/Me/git/F2802x_BurnInUnit/F2802x_BurnInUnit/Documentation/html/dot_inline_dotgraph_1.map for inclusion in the docs! If you installed Graphviz/dot after a previous failing run, try deleting the output directory and rerun doxygen.

I have tried setting SHORT_NAMES to yes, setting disabling Dot clean-u... I have even tried deleting and re-cloning the entire project from Git... it runs fine without any of my own dot graphs but the error returns as soon as I add even one small dot graph...

I have assumed so far that the output folder mentioned is the doxygen folder where my HTML and LaTeX files are saved to after a doxygen run finished is that correct?

I see a lot of people had this problem from some time ago (GViz v 2.2) but have come across threads where devs from both doxy and graphviz have promised fixes yet I am on 2.30 GViz and doxy 1.8.4 but have not been able to find a solid fix for this that actually works... anybody had any luck with other fixes for this problem?

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Ah Here! There was a space in the graph names so they weren't getting made!!! Talk about a misleading error message!

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