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I have a parallel code which is purely MPI. MPI scales pretty well within 8 cores. However, due to memory requirement I would have to use hybrid code. My code has following structure

for( A Sequential loop for 10e5 iterations)


roughly function 3 and 4 accounts for 90% of the time. I changed function 3 and 4 to openmp parallel code. And profiling shows I get only speed up of 4-5 on this. Hence this code might not scale as good as MPI alone code. This I suspect can be due to threading overhead. To circumvent this I would like to change this code to to create thread only at the beginning, as follows

#pragma omp parallel
for( A Sequential loop for 10e5 iterations)

    if( thread_id==0) some_sequential_work 


    if( thread_id==0) some_sequential_work 
    if( thread_id==0) MPI_send() 
    if( thread_id==0) MPI_recv()



Would doing something like this be beneficial ?

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It's been 16 hours since you asked this question. Have you tested your alternative approaches and come to a conclusion ? –  High Performance Mark Aug 14 '13 at 10:22
It is in progress. It is a very huge code ~4000 lines. For now I'm writing parallel versions of function call (and wrapping around a local omp parallel pragma) –  zimbra314 Aug 14 '13 at 16:30
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I think that your current implementation does not pay attention to Amdahl's law (google it if you like). Given that you only parallelized 90% of your code the best possible speedup that you can ask for (given 8 cores) is:

Speedup =  1.0 / (p_{seq} + (1 - p_{parallel}) / #cores)

Which in your case is:

Speedup = 1.0 / ( 0.1 + 0.9 / 8) = 4.71

So your current openmp parallelization is doing exactly what would be expected. Long answer short: Yes, the later implementation should give you a better speedup if this would mean that function 1 and two would be parallelized as well.

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Thanks for answering. However, when I say I only get speed up of 4-5, that is about individual speed up not overall speed up. –  zimbra314 Aug 21 '13 at 3:54
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