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Is there a standard way people enforce the inclusion of copyright notices in their java/maven builds? I realize that it shouldn't be necessary since the product itself is copy-written and if someone has my source I have much bigger problems, but I'm being asked to check and was wondering if checkstyle, PMD or something else handled this automatically.

Is there a tool which handles checking for copyright?

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Yes, Checkstyle (and the maven-checkstyle-plugin) can do that, it can check that every source files do contain a license header. Put that header in a text file and use the headerLocation to point on it (it uses by default LICENSE.txt).

Let's say you want to use checkstyle.license for your copyright notices. For a multi-modules build, the standard approach is to create a dedicated module to host Checkstyle resources (see Multimodule configuration):

|-- pom.xml
|-- build-tools
|   |-- src
|   |   `-- main
|   |       `-- resources
|   |           `-- whizbang
|   |               |-- checkstyle.xml
|   |               `-- checkstyle.license
|   `-- pom.xml
|-- core
|-- gui
|-- jmx
`-- src

Then, include the Checkstyle configuration in the top level pom.xml.

    <!-- Apply checkstyle rules and fail the build in case of errors. The
         checkstyle config files are taken from the build-tools JAR module.-->
      <!-- Lock down plugin version for build reproducibility -->

This setup will ensure that a copyright header is present in source files (and apply other Checkstyle rules but this is another story). Adapt it to suit your needs.

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I just found seems reasonable too

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