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I have the following statement in my /etc/rsyslog.conf:

# This one is the template to generate the log filename dynamically
$template DynFile,"/var/log/proxy/%$year%/%$month%/%$now%.log"

if $fromhost-ip == '' then *.* ?DynFile

The idea is to split a local and remote logs into separate dirs and files.

rsyslog daemon starts without any errors but expected logs are not created. If I replace "if" statement with simple *.* ?DynFile then logs are populated, but of course then they aren't splitted.

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In your case, i think it's just a syntax error :

$template DynFile,"/var/log/proxy/%$year%/%$month%/%$now%.log"
if $fromhost-ip == '' then ?DynFile

** I use "" for localhost

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