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def scrape!(url)   
  Anemone.crawl(url) do |anemone|   
     anemone.on_pages_like %[/events/detail/.*] do |page|   
      show = {   
        headliner: page.doc.at_css('h1.summary').text,   
        openers: page.doc.at_css('.details h2').text
      puts show   

Writing a scraper in Anemone, which uses Nokogiri under the hood..

Sometime the selector .details h2'returns nothing because its not in the HTML, and calling text on it throws an exception.

I'd like to avoid if/elses all over the place...

   if page.doc.at_css('.details h2').empty?   
      openers: page.doc.at_css('.details h2').text

Is there any more eloquent way of handling errors produced by inconsistant mark up? For instance CoffeeScript has the existentional operator person.name?.first(). If the HTML has the element, great make the object and call text on it. If not, move on and dont add it to the hash.

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What do you want to do? Ignore them? –  Mark Thomas Aug 14 '13 at 2:01
Just like with any other code: check if a value is nil and don't continue (or otherwise react accordingly). –  user2864740 Nov 30 '13 at 0:53

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You just need do:

anemone.on_pages_like %[/events/detail/.*] do |page|   
      if not page.nil?
         ...#your code
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