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I search too much on Google but i couldn't find any result so i'm posting my question here

I'm using wordpress 3.6 and the wp e-commere plugin

i'm use this anchor tag

<a target="_blank" href="">google</a>

i also use,'_blank'); // function do same problem

when a user clicks on the link, a new tab opens and within 1 second it closes again.. its not working in mozilla and chrome, but it is working in IE

i checked and there is no theme problem.

if i add an anchor tag from e-commerce product then the tag target=_blank will not work, and if i add a anchor tag from wp product then the anchor tag will work...

How can i solve this problem?

and if i add href value with out http:// e.g

<a href="" target="_blank">google</a>

it opens in new tab successfully

but then its url is


if i write a proper href with http://, so there is open and close issue.

Any one know it solution ?

i apply many type of jquery and javascript code, but actually when i write _blank, and then new tab opening then issue comes


i'm adding some javascript code,

i use this method to open new tab

function urltarget(url,target){
if (target == '') {
        target = '_self';
return false;

if i enter

<a href="" onclik="urltarget('','_blank');" > Example </a>
//its work ok, but if i used .net url
<a href="" onclik="urltarget('','_blank');" > Example </a>
//when .net comes in url then it create problem, new tab open and again close. 
   but it work in IE
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Can you reproduce that? Give an example with Fiddle or something? – putvande Aug 13 '13 at 21:13
possible duplicate of when i use target blank new tab open and suddenly tab again close – Mark Aug 13 '13 at 22:14
sorry,It is wordpress plugin, so i can't create example in Fiddle, but i found problem,, so now it easy to you, you give me solution,i found problem that, traget _blank not apply on url, it only work on .com url,please see update, – user2511667 Aug 14 '13 at 5:58

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