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Pretty straightforward question really. In the past, I've just gone into the installed package files and modified the code myself, but I see now that this will bite me when attempting to deploy.

Example: A package I recently installed has the line:

 from django.conf.urls.default import patterns

This is now deprecated. I have attempted to follow some advice from Thomas Leonard in an existing Stack Overflow post here, but I have had no success.

Attempt 1 (in my settings file):

import sys
from django.conf.urls import patterns
sys.modules["django.conf.urls.default"].patterns = patterns

Results in Unknown command: 'runserver' when attempting to run

Attempt 2:

import sys
from django.conf.urls import patterns
sys.modules["django.conf.urls.default.patterns"] = patterns

Results in the site being run, but the same Import Error on access.

Is there a nice way of fixing bad 3rd party package imports? Thanks!

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