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i am working to make remote functionality in android for example i have Pronto Hex Code

And I want to convert the above into wave file to and after converting I also want to play the wave file with Medial player

For example the above is to on the device and in my activity i have button and when i click to that button the audio is playing, and i have device which generates the signal when i connect that to my android phone on 3.5mm jack

here is a python code:

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if you mean converting it to a infrared burst rate in this form {12,51,45,78,45,14} just convert the hex code to decimal for example : 0000 0002 010d should look like this int[] burst ={0,2,543}//the numbers is not correct just example and dont you forget the frequency.

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No I have the hex file... I want to make a wav file out of my hex code – Garry Aug 14 '13 at 9:18

you check this link of remotecentral read from the fourth post you create wave file from Pronto hex code by using irp master library

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