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I am having trouble linking the vampir trace libraries in Cmake. I tried to follow the code in

I have in part of my CMake file:

set(VAMPIRTRACE_ROOT $HOME/Downloads/VampirTrace-5.14.4)

add_definitions( -DVTRACE )

add_executable(ApplyingVtkMarchingCubes ApplyingVtkMarchingCubes.cxx)

target_link_libraries(ApplyingVtkMarchingCubes ${VAMPIRTRACE_LIBRARIES})

but when I do cmake and make, it can't recognize the header file #include "vt_user.h" still.


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set(VAMPIRTRACE_ROOT $HOME/Downloads/VampirTrace-5.14.4)

Are you trying to read environment variable HOME? If so the right way to do it is:

set(VAMPIRTRACE_ROOT $ENV{HOME}/Downloads/VampirTrace-5.14.4)

PS You can easily find such errors if you turn on compiler messages:


And take a look at compiler line. It must look like this:

g++ -I/Downloads/Vampir../include

but you expect:

g++ -I/home/username/Downloads/Vampir../include

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