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I am using reactor http://getreactor.xtify.com/ on a backbone application and trying to build a custom inbox box. I use auto-run="false" config param. Then I define a function for the onBeforeMessage

console.log('new Message');

This function most of the times is been called but some other not. First question why does the onBeforeMessage is triggered although I specify auto-run="false" ? Second question why does the onBeforeMessage is not always triggered ?

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You'll need to use:


instead of:


The 'data-' prefix is the HTML5 way to store metadata on an HTML element.

You can see a JS Fiddle with some in-depth explanation of how to implement a custom inbox here:


Note that the function that you register with Reactor.onBeforeMessage() accepts a list of the messages that have been triggered rather than a single message. You can see more documentation here:


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