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I'm looking for a clean way to differentiate $metadata requests from entity requests with WCF Data Services (5.5.0).

Rather than apply authentication at the at the HTTP module level (as a registered IHttpModule) it seems I would have to apply it later in the request life-cycle.

Unfortunately, the only "later"-time that it seems I can apply it (and not have it interfere with $metadata requests) is in QueryInterceptor methods. The problem here is, there is a number of them, and it just seems silly that I'd have to duplicate even a method call across all of them to authenticate requests.

My question boils down to: at what point in the WCF Data Services request life-cycle should I perform authentication and not have it interfere with $metadata requests; or, how should I test if a request is for $metadata so I can promote the authentication logic back to a higher method.

It seems to me like there would (read: should) be an IsMetadataRequest property floating around, thus allowing:

protected override void OnStartProcessingRequest(ProcessRequestArgs args) {
    if (IsMetadataRequest) {
    // proceed with auth

I can hack something out into a service base class that simply reads the URI, but it seems like there should be something more defined.

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