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I have a route that has a dynamic segment:

this.resource('dog', {path: '/dog/:pet_id'});

For debugging purposes, I would like to linkTo dog with the specific dynamic segment of '666'. But

{{#linkTo 'dog' '666'}}Click to go to dog{{/linkTo}}

is giving me "undefined" instead of "666". Do you know why?

See it running on jsbin. See the code on jsbin.

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2 Answers

Your working jsbin: http://jsbin.com/iwiruw/346/edit

The linkTo helper does not accept strings as a parameter, but instead model from which to pick up the dynamic segments defined in your router map. If you don't have a model at hand leave the parameter out, and all you need to do is to hook into the serialize function of your DogRoute (if you don't have one defined just define it to instruct ember to use yours instead of the automatically defined) and return an object/hash containing the dynamic segments your route expects, this could be anything you want:

App.DogRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
  serialize: function(model) {
    return {pet_id: 666};

Hope it helps.

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I cleaned up the code a little bit by removing unused bits and switching to the fixture adapter. Here's a working version without the need for a serialize method: http://jsbin.com/iwiruw/347

Ultimately, nothing needed to be changed in the base code beyond using a newer version of Ember and properly setting up the actual model classes and data.

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