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I have a .numbers spreadsheet with raw data that I export as csv and use a custom built import tool to import that data into my Rails app. I have some columns in Numbers where I just enter a 1 or 0 to indicate a boolean field.

I the following validates line on one of my models:

  validates :powered,
    inclusion: [true, false]

As the value being imported is 1 and I am checking if the value validates against true or false then this is obviously not validating and failing.

How, without changing the original spreadsheet or exported csv can I make 1's and 0's from the csv map to a standard boolean true or false in my Postgres DB and Rails app?

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If you're already using a custom CSV import solution do the conversion during import. – Dave Newton Aug 14 '13 at 17:39
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I would use a callback to translate the 1 or 0 to true or false. Something like the following:

before_validation :powered_to_bool

def powered_to_bool
  self.powered = true if self.powered == 1
  self.powered = false if self.powered == 0
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Will try this out tommorrow. Thanks! – rctneil Aug 13 '13 at 22:34

The validation happens before the Model is saved to the DB, therefore the conversion (usually DB specific - MySQL will store booleans differently to Postgres) never occurs.

You may need to massage your values, when extracting from CSV and before validating, using a before_validation callback. Check out ActiveRecord::Calbacks for more info.

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