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I am new to Cassandra and looking to setup internode encryption in Cassandra 1.2.8.

I have successfully created a keypair for the keystore and truststore following the steps outlined here:

In the Cassandra.yaml file, I have adjusted the server encryption options to the following:

    internode_encryption: all
    keystore: conf/keystore
    keystore_password: password
    truststore: conf/truststore
    truststore_password: password

However, when I start the Cassandra server, I receive the following error:

ERROR 18:49:20,883 Fatal configuration error
org.apache.cassandra.exceptions.ConfigurationException: Unable to create ssl socket
        at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.joinTokenRing(
        at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.initServer(
        at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.initServer(
        at org.apache.cassandra.service.CassandraDaemon.setup(
        at org.apache.cassandra.service.CassandraDaemon.activate(
        at org.apache.cassandra.service.CassandraDaemon.main(
Caused by: Error creating the initializing the SSL Context
        ... 7 more
Caused by: conf\truststore\dev (The system cannot find the path specified)
        at Method)
        at<init>(Unknown Source)
        at<init>(Unknown Source)
        ... 9 more
Unable to create ssl socket
Fatal configuration error; unable to start server.  See log for stacktrace.
ERROR 18:49:20,887 Exception in thread Thread[StorageServiceShutdownHook,5,main]
        at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.stopRPCServer(
        at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.shutdownClientServers(
        at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.access$000(
        at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService$1.runMayThrow(
        at Source)

Please note the server runs without issues if the server encryption options is set back to none. Any thoughts/guidance would be appreciated.

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Read the exception carefully:

Caused by: conf\truststore\dev
(The system cannot find the path specified)

You've created the key/trust stores but you haven't pointed cassandra to them. In cassandra.yaml you need to enable SSL but you also need to specify the path to these two files. E.g:

    internode_encryption: all
    keystore: C:\some\location
    keystore_password: password
    truststore: C:\some\other\location
    truststore_password: password

Also remember to supply the key/trust store passwords instead of the example in cassandra.yaml.

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