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I am using Fragments in a FragmentActivity with a FragmentManager. I need to keep the last modifications in the fragment.

If I use FragmentTransaction.replace(); It will destroy the Fragment and reset it.

I decided to hide the previous Fragment and show the next one. But the Fragment can be destroyed by an income call or a device rotation and they can't be shown anymore.

My question is how can I manage this?

  • If I use show(), hide() I need to forbid the fragment's destruction
  • If I use fragmentTransaction.replace() I need to save the last state.

The second solution looks better but I have no idea how to proceed. Are there any other solutions?

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Ok I fixed it.

THe trick is to use FragmentTransition.replace() and FragmentTransition.addTobackStack(null);

And overide onBackPressed of the activity like this:

public void onBackPressed() 


Hope it will help!

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