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My website I am working on is going great so far but when ever I try and put it in internet explorer it just breaks.. http://868rcacs.ca/test.php I have tried using the chrome frame but it doesnt seem to work... Any help?

EDIT: I tried ie 8 and ie 7 and its almost like it it doesnt read the css at all

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nav, header, article... IEs < 9 don't support HTML5 tags. However, you can style them in those older IEs using for example html5shiv.

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Well without code or anything we can't actually help. But here is css support for IE6-10 this is another link on IE CSS Support that might also help.

If your using css that is not supported on a particular version then you should consider removing that css OR just not support IE users.

Things that you should really think about is, how many IE6,IE7,IE8,IE9,IE10 (IE10 sucks less) users will my site have and how many non-IE users will it have. If you expect about only 3-5% (more or less) of your total users use IE then it would be better to just not support IE and not sacrifice a better user experience for 95% of your users.

BUT if you really HAVE to support IE then you should consider removing the css that is breaking your site layout.


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What exactly is breaking? It is working fine for me in IE v10.0.9200.16635 besides the classic image border issue for IE which you can fix easily by adding a css rule:

a, img {
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I tried ie 8 and ie 7 and its almost like it it doesnt read the css at all –  CantFindIt Aug 14 '13 at 2:11

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