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I have written a code that returns a phrase depending on the length of a name. Problem is, I can't submit it unless i fix this tiny error.

Here's what I've written:

name = input('Enter your name: ')

if len(name) <= 3:

  print ('Hi',name,', you have a short name.')

elif len(name) > 8:

  print ('Hi',name,', you have a long name.')

elif len(name) >= 4:

  print ('Hi',name,', nice to meet you.')

For example: When i type in a 3 letter name such as 'Lin' it reruns the following

"Hi Lin*(space)*, you have a short name."

I wish to get rid of the (space) and have it return:

"Hi Lin, you have a short name."

I think the error lies with my concatenation and it automatically ads a space after the comma.

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You're are right, print(x, y, z) will sequentially print x, y and z with a space inbetween. As you suggest, concatenate your name to your greeting, and then print the greeting:

name = input('Enter your name: ')
if len(name) <= 3:
  greeting = "Hi {}, you have a short name.".format(name)

elif len(name) > 8:
  greeting = "Hi {}, you have a long name.".format(name)

elif len(name) >= 4:
  greeting = "Hi {}, nice to meet you.".format(name)

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That's much better, THANKS! –  user2677100 Aug 14 '13 at 1:47

The print function prints a space between its arguments. You can explicitly concatenate the strings to control the separation:

print('Hi ' + name + ', you have a short name.')

or use string formatting:

print('Hi {}, you have a short name.'.format(name))
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Thanks, i'd give you an upvote if i could :) –  user2677100 Aug 14 '13 at 1:20
@user2677100: Remember to accept an answer, then. –  user2357112 Aug 14 '13 at 1:21

For your input is is also possible to get rid of the whitespaces with the strip() function

name = name.strip()

How to trim whitespace (including tabs)?

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You can concatenate strings in Python like this:

print('Hello ' + name + ', you have a wonderful name!')

Or, without the parenthesis:

print 'Hello '  + name + ', you have a wonderful name!'

There's various other tricky things you can do, but for something like this just having '+' signs will do.

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