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I launch my own octopress yesterday, And our blog articles are stored under source folder/ however when I run rake deploy , it only push the public data to github server. because the default .gitignore are as following

  2 .bundle
  3 .DS_Store
  4 .sass-cache
  5 .gist-cache
  6 .pygments-cache
  7 _deploy
  8 public
  9 sass.old
 10 source.old
 11 source/_stash
 12 source/stylesheets/screen.css
 13 vendor
 14 node_modules

Is there any better way to put your source markdown file in the GitHub server, to avoid I delete the source code accidently.


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Can't you just make a repo in your GitHub account for the source, and push it there? – Yuki Izumi Aug 14 '13 at 2:35

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I don't see anything wrong with the gitignore file. Maybe your problem is with your git branch.

Try this $ git branch if it says master you have to rename the branch to source like this:

$ git branch -m master source

Then when you do $ git branch again it should say source

When you deploy you should git add, git commit then $git push origin source then rake deploy

Let me know if this works

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rake deploy will push changes in _deploy folder to master branch.

After rake deploy, if you do git push origin source under ~/octopress folder then your posts will be pushed to the source branch of your repo.

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