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I currently have 2 symbolic references with master in the name as below

git ls-remote master
9547e4ba01d67e1ff3xxxxxd5110eaaf2f48    refs/for/master
06106b7f1005dbb9f1xxxxxxxx456d2be84346c refs/heads/master

How do I remove or rename the refs/for/master so the ls-remote command only gives one result like so -

git ls-remote master
06106b7f1005dbb9f1xxxxxxxx456d2be84346c refs/heads/master
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Option 1: Deleting the Reference

If you want to remove the refs/for/master reference, just delete it from the remote (using one of the following):

git push :refs/for/master
git push --delete for/master

Option 2: Renaming the Reference

This is one way you can rename it, though it's significantly more work. First, you'll need to fetch the object that refs/for/master refers to. Only way I know how is to edit your repo's .git/config to fetch it.

For convenience, let's say that you add as a remote called origin to your local repo:

git remote add origin

Then let's also say that you set up your fetch configuration in your local clone's .git/config file to be the following:

[remote "origin"]
    url =
    fetch = refs/for/*:refs/remotes/origin/for/*

Then once you git fetch origin, you can rename the reference to something else and push it again (you'll still need to delete the old reference though):

git push origin :refs/for/master origin/for/master:for/master

:refs/for/master deletes the old reference, and origin/for/master:for/master pushes the old copy of that reference as a new remote reference for/master.

You can read more about fetch refspec configuration for remote repos in chapter 9.5 Git Internals - The Refspec of the FREE online Pro Git book.

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For git push documentation, see git-push(1) Manual Page. – user456814 Aug 14 '13 at 3:37

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