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I've been hearing a-lot about the "new" MV* frameworks. I've tinkered with KnockoutJS, creating an invoicing application, but I much prefer to write clean, modular code in raw JavaScript - leveraging utility APIs and other libraries when necessary.

Given a methodical/structured/SOLID approach to writing a JavaScript application, where OOP, SOC, SRP and other design principles are adhered to, wouldn't the usage of MV* frameworks be superfluous?

Are there any articles that express/address these concerns?

I've found one in the past:

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If you write good, clean, modular code, you'll find that you repeat a lot of patterns and maybe even copy a lot of boilerplate code from past projects. You'll eventually end up with your own personal framework of sorts.

Every clean, modular application like you've described has some kind of framework behind it, be it a reusable third-party framework or something that evolves with/underneath the app. Many developers find they save time and have a better framework if they use somebody else's.

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Adding to @trevor answer, chances of you making mistakes while creating such a implementation\framwork is less as compared to already tried and tested frameworks. Eventually you would have to fix all issues that come as part of your own implementation. – Chandermani Aug 14 '13 at 3:50
you're right about repeating patterns, that's what a pattern is, something that's repeated. software design patterns are tried & true methods for writing code. i do end up re-using bits/pieces of said code in other applications. how is that different from an opinionated framework like angular or knockout, where they're re-used in app-to-app? other than the fact that their heavier and contain features i'd likely never use? Or, justify using said framework because i wanted to use two-way binding on a few forms. not trying to bash your answer, but you're echoing arguments i've heard before. – culturalanomoly Aug 14 '13 at 3:53

Knockout is very modular but also very maintainable. For example the bindingHandler pattern makes it very easy to extend the library with jQUery UI, etc

MVVM is just a pattern that glues the View and the View logic (ViewModel) together in a decoupled way (If you do it correctly). You still gain from modularity, OOP etc So you can keep doing what you did in the past, just better.

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