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I am using the most recent meteor version, and this is a local deployment. I have a collection (Folders) that contains a tree structure, in which children nodes have parent node id as an attribute. I'd like to display the tree in a UI tree widget. I've studied the recursive template topics, however, I have a hard time to get children nodes displayed. Here are the relevant template and code.

<template name="sideTreeTemplate">
  <div id="tree" style="height: 200px">
    <h2 class="panel">My Data</h2>
    <ul id="treeData" style="display: none;">
      {{#each treeItems }}
        {{> treeNodeTemplate}}
      {{/each }}

<template name="treeNodeTemplate" >
  <li id="{{id}}" title="{{name}}" class="{{type}}">
    {{#if hasChildren}}
        {{#each children}}
          {{> treeNodeTemplate}}

The client.js code:

Template.sideTreeTemplate.treeItems = function() {

  var items = Folders.find({"parent" : null});
  console.log("treeItems length=" + items.count());
    item.newAtt = "Item";
  return items;


var getChildren = function(parent) {
  console.log("sidetree.getChildren called");
  var items = Folders.find({"parent" : parent._id});
  if (items.count() > 0) {
    parent.hasChildren = true;
    parent.children = items;
        "children count for folder " + +
        "=" + items.count() + ",
        hasChildren=" + parent.hasChildren
    items.forEach(function(item) {

The top level of the tree shows up fine, and is reactive, but none of the children are shown, even though the getChildren function is called for nodes with children. My suspicion is that the server sync actually removed the dynamically added properties (i.e. hasChildren, children) for each node. In this case, how can I make reactive tree working? Or maybe it is something else wrong with my implementation?

Thanks for the help.

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Pro tip: don't use tabs in code, and especially don't paste them here. They can break everything. – Hubert OG Aug 14 '13 at 7:32
Pro tip: If you want to use collection elements as an array, you need to use fetch in addition to find, like so: var items = Folders.find({parent: parent._id}).fetch(); – Hubert OG Aug 14 '13 at 7:44
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The simple way is not to add children objects as properties of the parent object. Instead, use a helper:

Template.treeNodeTemplate.hasChildren = function() {
  return Folders.find({parent: this._id}).count() > 0;

Template.treeNodeTemplate.children = function() {
  return Folders.find({parent: this._id});
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Thanks Hubert. This is working! Now I just need to figure out how to keep the tree state (open/close nodes) after reactivity. BTW, what do you mean by not using "TAB"? Does it break anything? – user2680514 Aug 14 '13 at 17:44

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