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I've an editor window opened. And, I've a requirement to check that if it fails to connect to database or, connection is broken when window is opened, the window should be closed.

var window = new EditorWindow(group);
window .KeyDown += (sender, args) =>{
            if (args.Key == Key.Escape)
                window .Close();

And, for the change of database connection I've:

public dbState dbState 
get { return dbState ; }
private set
       dbState = value;
       FirePropertyChanged("dbState ");

I'm new to WPF so any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Is dbState a property of your EditorWindow class? – Michael Teper Aug 14 '13 at 5:55
no, it's a property of database connection class. – Aarohi S Aug 14 '13 at 6:01
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If you are wiring things up directly, you would add code inside your EditorWindow class subscribing to the dbState property change event, and when that even fires, in your handler you would call this.Close() method to close the window. See for more details.

A cleaner way to do it would be to use an MVVM library and take advantage of event aggregation. For example, this is how Caliburn.Micro does it:

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