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How can I have add the jaccard distance measure in nctool I have added Jacdist.m file to the following path


Jacdist.m source code

function d = jacdist(pos)
%JACCARD Summary of this function goes here
%   Detailed explanation goes here
fn = mfilename;
if (nargin < 1), error('NNET:Arguments','Not enough arguments.'); end
if ischar(pos)
    case 'name'
      d = 'Jaccard Distance';
    otherwise, error('NNET:Arguments',['Unrecognized code: ''' pos ''''])

[dims,s] = size(pos);
d = zeros(s,s);
for i=1:s
  for j=1:(i-1)
    d(i,j) = pdist([pos(:,i) pos(:,j)],'jaccard');
d = min(d(i,:));

Then added new distance function name to newsom.m at following path


But clustering is not performed correctly

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Maybe you'd have luck asking at their mailing lidt right here. –  torbonde Aug 14 '13 at 7:30
@cimrg.joe That's a completely different thing. The question refers to Neural Network Toolbox from MathWorks. Your link is to nctoolbox, a third-party toolbox for working with NetCDF data. –  Sam Roberts Aug 14 '13 at 8:37

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