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OK, here's is what I want to do :

  • I have an NSCollectionView filled with items
  • I have an NSOutlineView (a "tree" structure actually)
  • I want to be able to drag any item from the NSCollectionView and drop it on an NSOutlineView item, and depending on what the item is, highlight it, and "accept" the operation.

Any guidelines? I've handled drag'n'drop in the past, but in a simpler situation.

How should I go about it in the most Cocoa-friendly way?

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OK, although I've not yet figured the whole thing out, I'll start by answering with what's working so far - and keep editing it.

Step 1 : Make the NSOutlineView draggable

In NSCollectionView's delegate, implement :

-(BOOL)collectionView:(NSCollectionView *)collectionView 
canDragItemsAtIndexes:(NSIndexSet *)indexes 
      return YES;

- (BOOL)collectionView:(NSCollectionView *)collectionView 
   writeItemsAtIndexes:(NSIndexSet *)indexes 
          toPasteboard:(NSPasteboard *)pasteboard
      return YES;
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