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I need an urgent help about an exclusion case in a regular expression (oracle).

The main regexp is that:


I need to modify or enhance this regexp in order to exclude a spesific string "1013;" but could not achieve it. I have been searching a solution way for two days but could not find anything that works in oracle.

The most popular solution alternative (?!stringToExclude)Regexp is not working in oracle. (the version I have: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production)

Do you have any idea about this issue? How can i overcome this problem?

my test sql statement checking the validation of new regexp is that:

select regexp_substr('1013;', '1([^34][:;]|[0-9][^:;].*)') from dual --> returns 1013;
select regexp_substr('10133;', '1([^34][:;]|[0-9][^:;].*)') from dual --> returns 10133;

select regexp_substr('1013;', 'to be regexp') from dual --> should return nothing
select regexp_substr('1013', 'to be regexp') from dual --> should return nothing
select regexp_substr('1013:', 'to be regexp') from dual --> should return nothing
select regexp_substr('10133;', 'to be regexp') from dual --> should return 10133;
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Oracle's implementation of regular expression doesn't support look ahead as of yet (11gR2). – Vincent Malgrat Aug 14 '13 at 9:07

try to replace the string you want to exclude with a string that would not be found by your regexp. e.g

with str as 
select '1013;' as s from dual
select '1013' from dual 
select '1013:' from dual 
select '10133;' from dual 
, regexp_substr(s, '1([^34][:;]|[0-9][^:;].*)')       --> regexp
, regexp_replace(s,'^1013($|:|;)','x')                --> replaced string
, regexp_substr(regexp_replace(s,'^1013($|:|;)','x')
                , '1([^34][:;]|[0-9][^:;].*)')        --> regexp with replaced string
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@schurik.... firstly thanks for your quick response.the regexp I have given was extracted from a configuration table so I could not replace the regexp with a sql statement. The thing I need to aim is to rewrite this regexp in order to exclude "1013['';:]". As Vincent declares, it could not be achieved by a lookahead structure. If so in your opinion, what kind of solution or regular expression will work? – mozbak Aug 14 '13 at 10:36

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