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I implemented MySQL fulltext search and worked perfect.
Now the client wants that partial matches be found by the search, for example the term 'base' should match 'database'.
I know the whole idea of fulltext search is based on word delimiters, and searching for full words.
I know I most likely will have to use an undesirable LIKE '%$term%' which will ruin the sweetness and performance of the fulltext search.
So, is there any hope?
Thanks in advance.

PS: I'm user, I had openID authentication on my own site, but my host went down recently, so I can't log in through it, so I'm using this kind of alias.

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Did you hear of Sphinx? It integrates nicely with MySQL, and is a powerful (and fast!) full text indexer.

You will love it.

(no they don't pay me)

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