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I have created a Bamboo build plan that is supposed to generate artifacts. And it does - I see the generated files on the server. Unfortunately, Bamboo does not copy the files to the desired location -> it does not treat them as artifacts that I can download from Bamboo server.

I am working with Bamboo 4.3.3. The documentation tells me to describe the artifacts location relative to the "working directory", so I am trying to copy everything to ${bamboo.build.working.directory}.

I have tried different location / copy pattern settings, but to no avail.

Where should I put them? I have a scripting environment, and there is no Maven or Ant to help me.

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Is there anyting at Atifacts page of your successfully builded plan summary? – hatesms Oct 7 '13 at 15:43
Can you descrinbe your artifact path and copy pattern? – hatesms Oct 7 '13 at 15:44

I finally understood what was going on with my artifacts and test results that Bamboo did not see:

  1. Test results: there is a known bug that is affecting all versions up to 4.4.5, which manifests itself in scripting environments. Fortunately, it has a workaround: JUnit Parser: Test results are not found

  2. Artifacts: at the beginning of my work with Bamboo I did not understand that the working directory is defined PER JOB and tried to copy something produced in a previous job as an artifact of the current one.

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