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Where would I start looking if I wanted to create my own property grid control in WPF?

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It is kind of easy to find using Google:

WPF Property Grid at Codeplex

Your own WPF PropertyGrid control in a couple of hours

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Note that the source code for the second one isn't available. – djcouchycouch Nov 30 '09 at 22:14

I think you should use It is better.

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WPF Property Grid as mentioned by @Pop Catalin is good, but is painful to use in an MVVM scenario; databinding only seems to work when the control first loads, once you try binding to another object, it fails. I ended up having to couple my view model to the view to retrieve the property grid and directly set the bound object. Blech!

A better free control is the one included in the Extended WPF Toolkit; it handles the databinding much better, and visually it's nicer too, having picked up a lot of cues from VS 2010's property grid.

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It is very feature rich as well. Able to create custom editors that target data types or property names or both. You can also define editors in code with attributes or in XAML with dataTemplates. – Brian Lagunas Oct 4 '11 at 20:52

If you are charging for your time, or paid per hour, you may also consider purchasing a component that does the job.

I've seen demo's of the Mindscape WPF Property Grid.

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You could look at how other people have created them (although that might remove some of the desire to create your own).

WPF Property Grid on CodePlex

Silverlight 2.0 Property Grid

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