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I use:

_dataTable = SmoApplication.EnumAvailableSqlServers(true); 

to populate a data table with sql server instances. In my forms app I use:

lbxInstance.ValueMember = "Name";
lbxInstance.DataSource = _dataTable;

to populate the ListBox and it works. I am trying to populate a list box in WPF using the same data table as above, but it is empty. I ck that the data table is not null so I seem to have the data. Here is what I am using:

ListBox x:Name="lbxInstance" SelectedValuePath="Name" DisplayMemberPath="item" 


if (_dataTable != null)
    lbxInstance.SelectedValuePath = "Name";
    lbxInstance.DisplayMemberPath = "item";
    lbxInstance.ItemsSource = _dataTable.DefaultView;

Any ideas on what needs to be done to make it work?

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did you try creating your own DataView: lbxInstance.ItemsSource = new DataView(_dataTable)? –  dkozl Aug 14 '13 at 9:35

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Please try below code snippet for WPF

if (_dataTable != null)
    lbxInstance.DataContext = _dataTable;
    lbxInstance.SelectedValuePath = "Name";
    lbxInstance.DisplayMemberPath = "item";


<ListBox Name="lbxInstance" ItemsSource="{Binding}" />
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