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enter image description here

Hi everyone. I'm trying to learn isometric picture on photoshop. I've found an example on web, just as an image. At this image, left square is my tile. I should transform this to the diamond at right.

But I'm wondering that, how can I make it most pratically? I've transform the rotate to 45'. What should I do now? I've used distort to the the same but I don't know which values I should enter.

X: ? Y: ? W: ? Y: ? H:? ANGLE: ?

my square is 200px/200px. and which values I must enter to make it diamond like in the picture (is there any math formule?)

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Maybe you can transform x'=x and y'=x+y/2. Look the spiral search: Optimizing search through large list of lat/long coords to find match.

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enter image description here


  1. Rotate angle 45
  2. Resize image: W=100%, H=58%

or use this script

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