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I wondering if Bing Maps have searchbar on Windows Phone like Google Maps on Android. Something like this:

enter image description here

I just need searching for specific location. When I input name of country, town or street i just want that app show this place on map.

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No, the Bing Maps control does not have that built-in, you'll have to add it yourself. –  Neil Turner Aug 14 '13 at 18:25
But how? I'm beginner in wp7 programing, do you have any tutorial ? –  Denn Aug 14 '13 at 18:32

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If you did not solve the problem mean try this:

       private void getAddress()
        WebClient webClient = new WebClient();
        webClient.DownloadStringCompleted += new DownloadStringCompletedEventHandler(webClient_DownloadStringCompleted);
        webClient.DownloadStringAsync(new Uri(""));

        void webClient_DownloadStringCompleted(object sender, DownloadStringCompletedEventArgs e)
            Console.WriteLine("e.Result==>" + e.Result);

Just call the getAddress() on click event.. You will get the json data as out put..!!

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